CARDIOLOGY Departments


The Cardiology Department provides the best of services in terms of accurate diagnosis and professional treatment. The centre is fortunate to offer quality in diagnostic procedures and treatment methods, and takes pride in striving to ensure that patients receive outstanding cardiac care.


Cardiothoracic surgery involves the treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the chest (thorax), including cardiology treatment which involves conditions of the heart and lungs.

This centre of excellence provides a wide spectrum of options for heart treatments with successful clinical outcomes. With state of the art infrastructure, technology and clinical expertise, thousands of patients across various districts of West Bengal, neighbouring states and countries visit Mercy Hospital for undergoing heart surgeries.

The cardio surgical unit has performed a wide range of surgeries ranging from neonatal open-heart surgeries to aneurysm surgeries. The department has performed uncountable surgeries making it one of the most experienced heart surgery hospitals, in Kolkata.

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Dr. Hema Malathi Rath

Dr. Hema Malathi Rath


The department provides a range of services including diagnostic tests (i.e. Holter), echocardiogram, electrocardiograms, and treadmill tests, in addition to more complex procedures like lifesaving techniques for patients with heart disease.  We also provide ambulatory systems for emergencies along with non-invasive image processing, echocardiography, stress tests, cardiovascular CT’s among many others. Our paediatric division also diagnoses and treats cardiac issues in new-borns and foetuses alike.