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The fight against cancer has seen quite a few points of inflection and has traversed significant changes in the mindset. Once cancer was a near invincible adversary, and today cancer care is possible. Over the years, Mercy Hospital has witnessed several game-changing developments and has set benchmarks in clinical and service excellence in cancer care.


Mercy Hospital confidently manages advanced cases of cancer, but not limited to, brain, stomach, colon, uterine, and breast cancers. The Oncology Centre provides medical and surgical treatments for complete and comprehensive management of these and other types of cancer, offers the latest drugs in chemotherapy treatment, and undertakes radical surgical interventions whenever appropriate.

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Dr. Kanishka Sarkar

Dr. Kanishka Sarkar


Cancer is a ruthless disease as it evolves constantly and spreads relentlessly. It's hard to catch and even harder to treat. But that is about to change, with Mercy Hospital’s unique approach to diagnosing, treating and monitoring cancer that is as precise as it can get.

Today, oncology department signifies comprehensive care, which requires commitment, expertise and immense dedication. The team brings together the brightest minds in surgical, medical & radiation Oncology.