Ms. Angela Rai

My experience of over three and a half years in Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, was an awesome one. Though far away from home, but our teachers and seniors made us feel home on the very first day.

Still today, I cannot forget our dear teachers for all that they have taught us and helped us to love the 'Nursing' profession from heart. Even in their strictness they were approachable and kind. Today, without hesitation me and my friend's proudly say that wherever we are placed it's because of the amazing grooming sessions and powerful guidance of our faculties. Also I would like to thank our hospital 'Mercy Hospital' for giving us so many opportunities to learn and explore. Three cheers for this great institution.

Sr. Kakoli Sole

As a student of Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, I got the best exposure in the clinical field. And now being a staff of this institution for 17 long years, I feel proud to say that as a team we have brought immense advancement in patient care.

Sr. Mariamma Joseph

I had joined Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in the year 1983. Then our school and residence was in the 5th Floor of the Hospital and Sr. T Grace Malida was the Principal and Dr Ben Elisha was the Medical Superintendent. My journey as a student was wonderful as we learnt and practised together. Now I am working as ANS in Mercy Hospital.

Neetu Kumari

Nursing as a profession is very difficult and challenging. But our mentors at Mercy Hospital School of Nursing taught us to me independent and helped us to tackle day-to-day challenges that a nurse face on duty. Thank you Mercy Hospital School of Nursing.

Sherry Bernadette David

Even though I belonged from a Arts background, Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, inculcated the confidence in me to achieve a Nursing degree. Despite being an introvert, I was groomed to become outspoken, strong and independent and because of which I managed positions like Vice President of Student Council and Anti-ragging Committee. I will always be grateful to Mercy Hospital for giving me an opportunity to learn the true meaning of ‘Compassion with Excellence’.

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