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Please see below for guidelines governing qualification of a patient’s health insurance policy:-

Essential Documentation Required for Cashless Services:
  • Cashless card from TPA
  • Photocopy of ID card
  • Photocopy of the current Insurance policy paper
For Planned Hospitalisation
  • Contact the Insurance Helpdesk with the mentioned documents, along with the doctor’s admission advice, at least 3 days prior to the admission for necessary formalities
  • Authorisation for cashless service from your TPA
For Emergency Hospitalisation:
  • Admit the patient
  • Contact the Insurance Helpdesk with the essential documents as early as possible for necessary formalities
  • If authorisation for ‘Cashless Service’ from your TPA is received, you can avail cashless facility thereafter for treatment in the hospital, up to the amount sanctioned by your TPA
Declaration Form:

Kindly fill-up the Declaration Form related to mediclaim patients at the time of admission. Please try to make correct entries as far as possible.

Payment for Non-Authorised Items:

If authorisation for ‘Cashless Service’ from your TPA has been received at the time of discharge, you may need to pay for the following:

  • For those items that are not reimbursable under the mediclaim policy
  • If the insured amount is not sufficient to cover the hospitalisation expenses
Denial of Cashless Service:

In case of denial of cashless service by the TPA, you are requested to settle the full amount of the hospital bills. After which, you can collect the bills and reports and lodge your claim for processing and reimbursement directly with your Third party Administrator.

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