Skin diseases are on the rise possibly due to changing socio – economic conditions in India. This poses a great challenge to this department to keep pace with problems of common Dermatology. Mercy Hospital offers all the services and treatment procedures to treat different kinds of skin and hair disorders. 


The department is known for its commitment towards providing a full range of dermatologic care for both common and rare problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes, and also provides treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. The division follows international protocols for providing quality services at accessible prices, and the safety of the patient is the topmost priority for the doctors.

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Modern dermatology encompasses both aspects - Disease and Desire. Mercy Hospital strives to provide a balanced blend of treatment for diseases of skin and the cosmetic aspect as well. We have facilities to help in diagnosing difficult and atypical skin proms. In addition to medical management, we do take care of the residual effects of the diseases e.g. scarring, pigmentation wrinkles, weathered face, hair loss etc.